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TBM Aircraft Lineage

Authorized Distributor for Daher TBM in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana

In 1990, DAHER certified with the FAA and French DGAC (EASA) the first, fully-pressurized, single-engine, turboprop aircraft in the world, the TBM 700A.

The TBM 700 airframe design incorporated a variety of aluminum and steel alloys, including titanium, as well as advanced composite materials that come together in an airframe of unmatched structural strength and durability at the lowest possible weight at an affordable cost. Our design engineers employed fail-safe design techniques on the TBM airframe including the use of multiple load paths, a crack-stopper band and a minimum number of smaller access panels to maximize structural life and sub-system reliability, as well as to minimize repair-cycle times.

In 1992, to replace the obsolete Morane MS 760 Paris Jet, DAHER began an on-schedule and on-budget delivery of TBM 700A model aircraft to the French Air Force and French Army Aviation. According to feedback from French military pilots, the TBM is, “simple to master, a dream to fly and superior performance characteristics across the entire flight envelope”. The French Armed forces has accumulated up to 600 flight hours per year per aircraft in accomplishing a wide range of VIP-passenger and light-cargo missions in varied operating environments, including operations in combat zones. DAHER has also delivered oneTBM 700A model aircraft to the French national flight test center (CEV) and three aircraft to the Indonesian government for their use in calibrating airfield navigation aids throughout their country.

Certified in 1999, the TBM 700B model added a larger cargo door and an optional pilot entry door. While its commercial success was growing in the US, the French Army Aviation took delivery of three B model aircraft, bringing the total military aircraft to 28 TBM 700 in 2002. With the addition of a gaseous backup oxygen system (with EROS quick donning masks) the service ceiling of the TBM 700B was raised to 31,000 ft.

In 2003, the TBM 700C2 was certified with an increased Max Take-off Weight (7394 lbs), allowing an increased payload of 865 lbs with full fuel. This modification included re-enforced airframe, reinforced landing gear, crashworthy seats certified to 20 G, new interior and new rear external luggage compartment. The TBM 700C2 was also certified at 31,000 ft thanks to the gaseous oxygen system.

In 2006, DAHER introduced the TBM 850. Strictly identical to the airframe of the TBM 700, the TBM 850 aircraft is also powered by the Pratt & Whitney PT6A turboprop engine. The new PT6A-66D power plant produces 1825 eshp flat rated to 850 shaft horsepower and gives the TBM 850 jet-like performance with turboprop efficiency and economical operation.

In 2009, DAHER has delivered more than 500 TBM and accumulated more than 700,000 flying hours of reliable and safe operations without a single structural airframe failure.

DAHER-SOCATA’s TBM 850 defines a new class of airplane, the Very Fast Turboprop (VFT), breaking new record of speed against its predecessor, the legendary TBM 700.


In 2012 DAHER introduces the TBM 850 ‘Elite’

The Elite’ offers you the flexibility of an SUV while providing the performance of a sport car. The popular club-seat configuration continues; however, the ‘Elite’ provides a most distinctive attribute: The middle seats have the capability to be positioned in either the rearward or forward facing position. Passengers once confined to the cabin now become involved in the flight; furthermore, the new configuration provides extended cargo space to accommodate cumbersome baggage. Its ability to not only carry passengers in a comfortable environment, but also how the new interior and seating arrangement can work and provide flexibility to the customer.

In the 4 seat-forward-facing configuration, the rear seats are removed to create immediate and obstacle-free access to all luggage areas. For missions with multiple pieces of baggage, the ‘Petit Filet’ (small cargo net) compliments the normal internal baggage compartment by providing additional baggage space. Long, bulky items such as golf bags can
be secured by the ‘Grand Filet,’ which essentially unites the rear baggage compartment and the extended baggage area under one large cargo net.

When it comes to being user-friendly, the new TBM 850 ‘Elite’ gets right to the point — quick and easy.


In 2014 DAHER introduces the TBM 900 very fast turboprop aircraft

Developed during a more than three-year program involving 160,000 research and development hours, along with 200 hours of flight testing, the TBM 900 has been certified and will be ready for deliveries beginning this month.

DAHER has integrated 26 modifications in the TBM 900, building on the solid basis of its TBM aircraft family, including:

  • Aerodynamic optimization through the addition of winglets and a vertical tailfin strake, as well as a new tail cone;
  • The use of a five-blade composite propeller and redesigned spinner;
  • A complete nose-to-firewall redesign for improved engine airflow circulation – featuring a banana-shaped air intake, carbon-fiber cowlings and new exhaust stacks;
  • Enhanced human-machine interface features, ranging from an ergonomic control yoke with new functions to the restyled cockpit panel for increased visibility and interaction with secondary system controls;
  • A revised cockpit center pedestal that incorporates a single-control throttle operation, associated with a new torque limiter that enables the use of 850 hp. engine power at takeoff;
  • A completely revamped electrical system with 300-amp starter generator that allows new avionics and electronic devices to be incorporated on the aircraft. Its new electric core enables a semi-automatic start-up, while the new- generation 100-amp stand-by alternator provides electrical input in case of power supply loss;
  • Increased passenger comfort, benefitting from lower cabin noise levels, an automated pressurization system and new-design seats.

Retaining primary airframe commonality with the predecessor TBM 850 – including its Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-66D powerplant – the enhanced TBM 900 version ensures a proven airframe/engine combination.

The TBM 900’s top cruise speed is increased to 330 KTAS at 28,000 ft., and its maximum range is extended to 1,730 naut. mi. with five adult passengers as a result of the fuel consumption reduction to 37 U.S. gallons per hour.

By using the available 850 shp. engine power from takeoff, the aircraft’s ground roll is reduced – even in hot-and-high conditions – while its improved climb rate enables the 31,000-ft. ceiling to be reached in 18 minutes, 45 seconds.

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