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2024 Daher TBM 960

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Daher TBM 960 HOMESAFE w/ Garmin Emergency Autoland
New PT6E-66XT Pratt & Whitney Engine
5000 Flight hour TBO
Dual channel Engine and Propeller Electronic Control System (EPECS)
Single switch automated start sequence and Data
Collection and Transmission Unit (DCTU)
Hartzell Raptor lightweight 5 blade composite propeller
7 Year 3,500 Hour Airframe Warranty
5 Year 2,500 Hour Pratt & Whitney Engine Warranty
5 Year 1,500 Hour Aircraft Systems Warranty
5 Year 1,000 Hour Garmin Avionics Warranty
5 Year 1,000 Hour TBM Care Program
5 Year CAMP Maintenance Tracking
5 Year Engine TREND Monitoring


Garmin G3000 Avionics Suite
GMA 36B audio controller with Bluetooth
2 GDU 1250W, 12” high resolution Primary Flight Display
1 GDU 1250W, 12” high resolution Multi Function Display
2 GEA 71B, engine and airframe interface units
2 GRS 79, Attitude and Heading Reference System
2 GMU 44 triaxial magnetometer
2 GDC 72B digital air-data computers with dual probe system
1 GTX 345R Mode S Transponder with ADS-B In/Out
1 GTX 335 ES Transponder w/ ADS-B Out
2 GTC 580 Tactile Controllers
1 GMC 711 AT autopilot mode controller
GSR 56 datalink with SatPhone and WX weather info
GDL 60 4G/WiFi/Bluetooth data transmission unit
Automatic Garmin Database Updates
GDR 66 CPDLC equipment
GDL 69A SXM datalink and XM audio infotainment
GWX 8000 16-color radar
GTS 820 Traffic Advisory System
GRA 55 Radar Altimeter Garmin
Pilot Awareness Package:
3D SafeTaxi
CAVS - Cockpit Display of Traffic Information Assisted Visual Separation
ROA - Runway Occupancy Awareness
Graphical weight and balance on cockpit display
CAS linked electronic checklists
TAWS-B, Class B worldwide database
MD 302 back up attitude, airspeed, altitude and heading
Daher TBM 960 HOMESAFE w/ Garmin Emergency Autoland
TBM 960 e-Copilot®:
ESP Electronic Stability and under speed Protection
AOA/stall indicator and Stick shaker based on heated probe
Smooth transition from barometric VNAV to Glideslope/path
Surface Watch® for airport environment awareness
Auto-Ice protection system with ice detection sensor
LVL Level button to roll level and hold altitude
EDM Emergency Descent Mode

Enhanced Features

Known ice certified
RVSM data package
Synthetic Vision
Flight Data Recorder
Pilot & Co-pilot electrically heated windshields
Automatic starter generator shutoff
6 Bose headsets, 7 Bose Lemo plugs
1 high power USB-A charging port
5 dual high power USB-A/USB-C charging ports
115V universal port
LED lighting
Pulse light anti-collision system
Storage cabinet

Phone Number: 210-410-8262
Year: 2023
Make: Daher
Model: TBM 960
Price: Call for Price
Condition: New
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